February 13, 2018
FCC Headquarters Building 445 12st SW
Washington, DC 20554

Subject: An Innovative Technological Solution to Combat Contraband Wireless Device Use in Correctional Facilities.

To Whom It May Concern:

On the matter of the February 7th meeting, chaired by the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, discussing possible technical solutions to combat the contraband cellphone problem in correctional facilities, we at Cell Detect, Inc. would like to propose a somewhat different approach. The technical solutions discussed to date render cell phones useless by using Managed Access Systems (MAS), disabling the device through some court ordered action, or by some form of jamming. The one point most can agree upon is that all these proposed solutions are very expensive! The founders of Cell Detect, Inc. have worked with many different State Department of Corrections (DOC) over the past 25 years delivering reliable GPS tracking solutions for people on probation and parole. Our proposed technical solution, called Cell Trax, is designed to eliminate illicit cell phones in prisons and jails by detecting, reporting and eventually jamming only those devices that are in close proximity to the inmate actually using the cell phone. Cell Trax consists of a small lightweight bracelet securely attached to each inmate’s ankle with multiple levels of tamper detection. Since the detectors are always active, always attached to the prisoner, and always looking for near-field cellular signatures, detection is assured. When a cell phone is detected, the Cell Trax bracelet immediately reports the inmate’s identity to a cloud-based computer, which processes the alert and notifies officers in real-time. The Cell Trax bracelet will also be capable of emitting a low-power, short burst, jamming signal precisely timed to prevent the illicit cell phone from receiving responses from the tower effectively rendering inoperable only this one device. The Cell Trax solution also provides a reliable inmate head count each and every hour. The Cell Trax solution provides a reliable technical solution, alleviates the problems associated with widespread jamming, and at a fraction of the cost that is being proposed by these other conventional technologies.I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the viability of our technology in more detail with the Federal Communication Commission, Department of Correction Officials and others that may be interested.


Chris Defant President, Cell Detect, Inc.