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David Segal



With more than thirty years of successful experience in hardware and software engineering, David is a recognized expert in the area of GPS and communications technology.  A Pro Tech Monitoring co-founder, he helped lead the company from inception to the ultimate sale to 3M.  His expertise extends from data communications, database architectures and administration, web development, Internet security, embedded firmware, wireless communications, GPS technologies, and data encryption.

Upon graduating cum laude from the University of South Florida with a BSEE, David began his career at Texas Instruments in Dallas Texas as an integrated circuits Design Engineer Two years later, he left to join General Datacomm in Clearwater FL, where he developed active analog and computer controlled switched-capacitor filter designs for T1 Channel Service Units.  David’s next challenge was at the Paradyne Corporation in Florida, where he designed hardware and firmware for Paradyne’s digital data service family of telecommunications devices.
From Paradyne, David accepted a position with Honeywell in Clearwater, Florida.  A Senior Design and Development Engineer for the Advanced Microelectronics group, with Top Secret security clearance; he managed and co-developed a secure, real-time, ultra-high speed RF data communication and acquisition system.  He developed and deployed many custom Windows-based utilities including an imaging database application using hardware video compression and acceleration technology to support the department’s classified hardware and software development.


Prior to founding Pro Tech, David was Director of New Product Development at the Envoy Corporation in Palm Harbor, Florida. There, he developed transaction-processing software comprised of more than 100 custom applications and capable of processing more than 700,000 real-time claims per month. Additionally, he developed the American Dental Association’s first electronic dental claim management package and a communications software product later integrated into more than 10,000 practice management packages. In 1995, David co-founded Pro Tech Monitoring, Inc. In the early years, he developed the embedded firmware, database architecture, and all communications software for the world’s first portable GPS tracking device for offender monitoring. Since then, as CIO and vice president of software development, he has led all engineering projects, specifications, schedules, budgets, datacenter activities, and managed personnel including playing a key role in the hiring of one CFO and two CEOs. His additional accomplishments include: Deployed the World’s first portable tracking device for offender monitoring, incorporating embedded software design, GPS, wireless communications, RF receiver digital signal processing, data encryption, user interface, and diagnostics Awarded 6 U.S. Patents Awarded the 2009 CIO of The Year by the Tampa Bay Technology Forum; out of 350 member companies Designer and manager of Pro Tech’s Data Center and redundant backup Data Center; 365x24x7 with 99.995 availability Extensively travelled both domestically and internationally to support sales, manufacturing, and to procure technologies from around the world Managed all software development for embedded firmware, GPS software, wireless communications, Web software, Call Center applications, and Internet security. David co-invented the Cell Trax system in 2012 and has since licensed exclusive global rights to the patent. Formally trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt

Chris Defant



A design and systems engineer with expertise in a wide range of technologies within multiple industry settings, Chris has founded two successful businesses over his 35 year career.

After graduating from the University of Alabama in 1981 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Chris designed communication and RF systems for the F16 & F-111 fighter aircraft at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, TX.  Chris was part of a small team that integrated the first GPS system into the F16 in 1983.
In 1985, Chris moved to Clearwater, Florida.  Employed by Honeywell, Space & Strategic Division, he helped write the winning proposal to NASA for the Space Station Freedom.  During this time, he helped design the nose wheel steering system for the space shuttle program as well as the computer management system for the Space Station.
Chris founded National Computer Claims Services, Inc. in 1989 creating the first electronic insurance claims clearinghouse.  Medical professionals could now have their patient’s insurance claims processed and sent electronically to insurance companies for the first time.  Chris led the company through an acquisition by Envoy Corp in 1992, and continued his employment through 1996.

In 1995 Chris co-founded Pro Tech Monitoring after developing the concept of using GPS and cellular technology to track people on probation and parole.  Chris led a team comprised of electrical, mechanical, RF, antenna design, industrial, and test engineers.  In 2005, he was responsible for setting up off-shore manufacturing to lower production costs.  Chris was responsible for all aspects of new product design, development, and commercialization as well as all regulatory requirements, and was awarded four U.S. Patents.


In January 2015, Chris relocated to Austin, Texas to manage the development of the next generation tolling system.  From there, he managed the Automated License Plate Reader R&D teams in Knoxville, TN and Bracknell, England, and was responsible for the Lane Controller development in Austin and the RFID transponder development in Morrisville, NC. A year later, he returned to Tampa to develop a 5-year product and technology road map for the Electronic Monitoring business.  Chris was leading the effort to develop a disruptive next generation monitoring platform. Chris co-invented the Cell Trax system in 2012 and has since licensed exclusive global rights to the patent. Chris has been formally trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Richard Nimer

Director of Business Development


Mr. Nimer started his professional career with the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) in May of 1984.  He held various jobs throughout the department and retired after 20 years in February of 2003 as the Assistant Secretary of Programs.

In 1986, he started the electronic monitoring program with Florida Department of Corrections, and is widely known as an innovator and pioneer in GPS tracking of felony offenders. He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the American Probation and Parole Association and served one term on the Board of Governors of the American Correctional Association before his retirement from the FDC. He was responsible for all inmate and offender programs in the department and had responsibility for over $100M budget. During his tenure at the FDC he served on a Presidential Drug Testing task force and on numerous federal tasks force for the Department of Justice and Drug Czar Office.

Mr. Nimer joined the Pro Tech team in March 2003 after a distinguished 20-year career with the Florida Department of Corrections. He was hired by Pro Tech Monitoring (PTM) to develop new business for the company and was appointed Vice President of Business Development after a year with the company.  He was responsible for greatly growing the business and many of the initial contracts he brought to PTM are still part of 3M’s current business.  Mr. Nimer was in charge of Business Development for 3M Electronic Monitoring after their purchase of Pro Tech Monitoring in 2010.
Richard retired from 3M in January 2016. Richard received his BA from Loyola University in New Orleans and completed his M.A. at Florida State University.

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