In yet another seizure, staff of Amritsar Central Jail confiscated five mobile phones from the complex here on Tuesday. Two of them were found unclaimed while the three were recovered from three prisoners.

Following the complaints lodged by the jail authorities, the police have booked three jail inmates Rupinder Singh, alias Goldy of Mahal village, Mahabir Singh of Sansaran Kalan village, and Judgebir Singh, alias Judge alias Doctor of Jathaul village.

Amarjit Singh, Assistant Superintendent of Jail, said during the routine checking of room No. 4 of Barrack No.3, a mobile along with a battery was found from Rupinder Singh. Similarly, another mobile was seized from Mahabir from room No.6 of the barrack while two unclaimed cell phone were found from the backside of the bathroom.

Similarly, Kashmir Singh, Assistant Superintendent of Jail, informed about the seizure of a mobile phone from Judgebir Singh during the checking of room No.1 of barrack No.7 inside the jail.