GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma inmate received a special delivery – some pumped up kicks with a little extra boost inside.

Logan County’s sheriff says this is certainly something he has never seen before. Cell phones so small they glue into the soles of shoes.

“If they can find a place to put it, they’ll try to conceal it and get it in,” said Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux.

But this clever plan was foiled outside the Logan County Jail. Officers were processing the shoes, brought in from an outsider.

“When they took the laces out and opened it, it is when they saw the perfect cutouts of the phones in there,” Devereaux said.

The culprit carefully planned a way to smuggle six mini cell phones and chargers into the jail. Cell phones so tiny, the naked eye would assume they were fake.

“That would be a phone, I would imagine, about the size for any of those American Girl Dolls or dolls of that same size. I wouldn’t even think that was a real phone, but you can certainly call on it,” Devereaux said.

In September, inmates across the state initiated acts of violence. The governor’s office was quick to say those riots were facilitated by inmates using contraband cell phones, prompting Governor Stitt to sign an executive order to begin research and ways to implement technology to eliminate cell phones in prisons with equipment like cellphone jammers.