Our Mission

Eliminate Illicit Cell Phone Usage in Prisons and Jails
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About Cell Detect

Cell Detect, Inc. is committed to eliminating illicit cell phones in all correction facilities. Our cell phone detection and identification system is called Cell Trax. Cell Trax identifies the individuals who are holding a cell phone as the phone is powered up or in-use. A small lightweight bracelet is securely attached to each inmate’s ankle and detects the RF signature emanating from the cell phone and transmits a message to our cloud computer system. Cell Detect immediately notifies prison officials that a cell phone is in-use AND who is using it! In addition Cell Trax will report an accurate inmate count each and every hour. We are currently developing technology that will emit a low-power, short burst, jamming signal precisely timed to prevent the illicit cell phone from receiving responses from the tower effectively rendering inoperable only this one device.

How Cell Detect Works

Inmates are fitted with a secure bracelet detector

Cell phone emissions are detected immediately and an alert is generated

Alerts are received by the Cell Detect cloud computer center and immediately processed

Real time notifications and reports are provided to prison staff

Recent News

Will Cell Phones Be The Downfall Of Prisons?

by: Walter Pavlo The Federal Bureau of Prisons has tried to address the growing problem of cell phones in the hands of incarcerated inmates. In the event you do not know, cell phones and iPads (Microsoft Surface MSFT ) are illegal in federal prisons. However, they are...

Sufficient Evidence of Contraband in Prison Cell

By: Virginia Lawyers Weekly There is sufficient evidence to uphold the trial court’s determination that an item seized from appellant’s prison cell was a cell phone. Appellant’s conviction of being a prisoner in possession of a cell phone is affirmed. Analysis “The...

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